Looking for a great and reliable set of stairs for your home? Then you can consider steel stair stringers as they are one of the best materials for creating sturdy and durable ones. From mono string stairs in Box Hill to centre beam stringers, you will find steel stringers used in various stairs in both commercial and residential buildings. If you are still wondering whether you should use one on your property, here are some pros and cons of steel stair stringers that will help you decide.


But first, let’s learn what a stair stringer is and why we need it. The simple definition of a stair stringer is the frame on which the treads and risers of stairs are attached. Using a combination of treads and stringers, designers create an array of stairs in properties. Since it is the foundation of the staircase, you need to be very cautious and diligent when selecting the material. And this brings us to why steel is one of the best materials for stair stringers.


Steel is made up of carbon, iron and other materials. These materials are prone to rusting; hence, a zinc coating is given on steel to prevent rusting. Other materials like nickel, nitrogen, and chromium are added to stainless steel to make it rust less. All these make it the best material to create stair stringers not only for indoor use but also for outdoor use. 


Now let’s see some advantages of using steel stair stringers.


Strength and durability are the first advantages of using steel as the stringer material. A staircase made with steel stringer can withstand heavy traffic and heavy load, making it a great choice for commercial properties. 


Whether you want curved or spiral staircases, steel stair stringers can easily be modified to the shape you require. Hence if you want a modern look to your property, you have to go for steel string stairs, especially mono string stairs in Riverstone


They are easy to install as you need to bolt them together. This is why even amateurs doing DIY home projects can create a staircase using steel stair stringers.


As for the cons of this type of stringer, here are two of them. The biggest disadvantage is the noise that happens when walking on such stairs. If not done professionally, welding can make the end product look ugly.

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