Trends come and go, while some trends stay on to become classics. This is also true for the fencing industry, and like other industries, some trends will be popular in 2023. So, before you start looking for gate and fencing services in Marsden Park, here are some of the trends you need to know about.


Modwood fencing


There are many reasons why Modwood fencing is so popular with everyone. First thing, this is a very good option from an environmental standpoint. Modwood is made from recycled products that include wood flour and plastics. So, if you are looking for wood finish fencing, using this material will ensure fewer trees are cut. On top of that, these materials are created keeping in mind Australian weather and the environment which makes them best suited to be used in our home. 


Moreover, Modwood fences are resistant to termites, have high UV stability and can withstand extreme weather and moisture. So, this is the best option for those looking for a low-maintenance fence. So, use Modwood fencing not only on a budget but also to make your home look aesthetically pleasing.


Aluminium slat fencing


Natural timber fences always look great but come with many maintenance issues. You can use aluminium slat fencing in colours close to timber to avoid that. This is an environment-friendly choice because aluminium fences can easily be recycled. So, if you already have this type of fencing, you are not increasing the city’s landfill but recycling the old ones. 

As for why you go for this material, it is because it is one of the most lasting materials you can find. Aluminium fences will last for a long time as they don’t rust. Hence, install this type of fence; you don’t need to replace it for years.


Tubular steel fencing


If security is your main concern for fencing, then tubular steel fencing is your best choice. This is a solid material and can last for long. If corrosion is your concern, give it a coat of powder in your chosen colour. This will make sure you have not only a strong fence but also a beautiful one. If you want it to be unique, you can add fence ornaments as well.


Now that you know the trending fences for 2023, it is time to look for gate and fencing services in Oran Park.

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